Wednesday, May 07, 2003

New Motorcycle

I'm excited. Tomorrow, I pick up my new BMW motorcycle. Already, I'm planning cross-country trips. One of the cycle magazines at Borders had an editorial about traveling light. Only two sets of clothes? I can do that. This afternoon, I'll get a short haircut, to cut down on the need for hairbrushes and such. Probably, I'll grow my beard back so I won't have to pack a razor.

One first trip will be up to Little Portion, a Franciscan Monastary out on Long Island. I've played around with Microsoft MapPoint, picking routes. I played with the "preferred roads" setting of the route planner until it selected nearby roads that I enjoy. I figure if it picks them for getting out of town then others it chooses, for places I've yet to travel, will be more to my liking.

A best friend is getting married in Oregon, in July. So, of course I'm planning a cross-country trip from my home, here, near Washington, DC, over there, then a return route through Canada.

It would be nice to be able to make money writing about the trip and interviews with people I might meet.

I'll take my laptop, my digital camera, and chargers. At various Starbucks I'll be able to update my web and this journal. Probably I need to make sure my tape recorder is working as well.

Now, I'm going to study the roads between the dealer (Bob's BMW in Jessup, MD) and here. The first ride is going to be great!

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