Friday, April 14, 2006

Ride down the Blue Ridge Parkway

I rode down the Blue Ridge Parkway to see my Nephew David perform a voice recital at Mars Hill College, near Asheville, NC.

A first stop was at Mountain Cove Winery. This is a place where I've often thought we might arrange a weekend arrival & camp out.

This picture tells me to lose weight... or zip up my jacket!

There is just a little bit of snow still left in the shade to the left of this road. For miles I saw no other vehicles. Was this the first day that it was open? Only near the end, in North Carolina, did I see a patrol vehicle. The rest of the time, it was like having my own race track. In places where it ran on the tops of the mountain, with clouds beneath on either side, it seemed like a highway in the sky.

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