Thursday, November 30, 2006

Red Bull

Never tried it before. Now, I'll find out. My back sometimes prevents me from getting a good night's sleep. Then, the pain medication tends to make me drowsey. Part of being ready to ride is managing one's alertness. While I know better than to depend upon caffiene for any long ride I'm going to be interested in how this product works, or might work, for a pick-me-up on the last leg of a ride. Is there a short term benefit?

Conclusion? Maybe. I felt a bit helter-skelter, however. Better to plan ahead and take frequent naps. I have no trouble catching a nap anytime on the road. I can put the side stand down, set my wrist watch alarm for 20 minutes, fold my arms and lay my helmeted head upon them on the tank bag. Ear plugs help. Rest stops, behind MacDonalds, next to gas stations... I've learned that rest stops at night are not always the best idea, however.

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