Thursday, June 07, 2007

Olympia AirGlide

I thought my new Olympia high-visibility jacket WAS the AirGlide. It is every bit as cool as the ancient Joe Rocket that served me across the country over the last ten years. Tuesday, I stopped in at Bob's and Madigan, one of the sales staff who handles the clothing and accessories, greeted me:

"Hey J, aren't you hot in that AST jacket? Don't you want an AirGlide?"

Ever adept at pretending I know what I do not, I did not admit that I thought what I was wearing WAS an Airglide.

He needed little encouragement to enlighten me further. He gladly showed me the AirGlide and in the process the difference, pointing out... "The AST is a great three-season jacket for Fall, Winter, and Spring. The AirGlide has mesh with a removable waterproof liner that makes it three-seasons: spring, summer, and fall. Some people even use a Garmin liner underneath to make it work for four-seasons."

Ah! So Olympia has more than one bright idea for better riding apparel.

Madigan then pointed out their new hi-viz vests with useful pockets, including one waterproof pocket in the back, and another that could be used for an ID card or an E-Z Pass on the front shoulder. We chatted about weather and E-Z Passes before he went back to work. I took a look at the AirGlide pants. My Joe Rocket pants were purchased in 2003, and while they have served well for the most part, have a few holes from the muffler, Velcro that does not wish to stay sewed on, and never mind when last washed.

Olympia products certainly seem to be attracting my dollars. It dawns on me that the first non-motocross motorcycle gloves I purchased for summer riding were also made by Olympia and served me many years until I discovered my current BMW summer gloves.

No doubt an AirGlide jacket and pants will soon be added to my riding gear. The improvement that good gear makes to the riding experience always seems worth the expense as the weeks, months, and years roll by.

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