Thursday, August 16, 2007

Works Performance Shocks & Bob's BMW come through!

Tonight I'm back in business.

Sunday night I discovered my recently repaired shock was leaking. Monday I put calls and e-mail into the manufacturer, but they were too swamped to get back to me right away. I called Madigan at Bob's BMW and he saw there was one remaining shock for a BMW R1200CLC left in the country. He wasn't optimistic that it would not already be sold, but asked to have it sent and said if it was still available he would get it overnight in Tuesdays shipment, or on Thursday.

Next, I heard from Ned of Works Performance. He took a look at the situation and asked if he couldn't build me a shock and send it to me as a replacement. So, we ended up with two candidates. Bob's called me at work today to say they had the new shock in, and I could pick it up. Susan met me at the White Flint Metro station after she got off work at 5 and got me to Bob's with about a minute and a half to spare. I had called to let them know I was on the way and to go ahead and roll the bike out for pickup.

I'll have to get a picture on here to show you the new shock. Ned sent me something considerably more sophisticated than the last one. I'll have to find the manual and study it to appreciate what I have to work with, now. Saturday, I'll be able to get to the Four Winds Rally in Pennsylvania. I've scoped out some roads that should be a lot of fun.

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