Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Iron Butt Ready

...saw Eddie Phelps at Bob's BMW, tonight. He was looking very relaxed.

"I thought you were already on your way to the rally," I commented. I was referring to the Iron Butt Rally 2005 in Denver.

"Won't leave for two more days. I'm ready. Just have to pick up a few last things," he said.

We probably chatted for half an hour. A couple of times I suggested that he probably needed to get his stuff and get going, but Eddie could teach us all about patience and "laid back." We talked about the Motorcycle Consumer News story citing him as a possible dark-horse winner. (By the time I had gotten to the BMWBMW ride-to-eat in Emmitsburg, last night, he was rumored to be one of the top three favorites). Eddie just laughed.

He told me about the web site that will be letting us track the Iron Butt Ralley 2005 participants, Star-traxx.

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