Friday, August 19, 2005

Motorcycle Wardriving
"Smith said that, like Foo Camp, Bar Camp requires everyone who shows up to present something. He expects to hear people talk about such topics as a motorcycle rigged for wardriving in such a way that when it discovers a Wi-Fi hotspot it posts anonymously to a Web site listing all the locations it finds. Smith himself may talk about his upbringing in the technology world. "

Great idea. Next I want a way to send pictures, naratives, and short video segments from a camera on my motorcycle helmet to a server. Then some image analysis software that will pull license numbers from the images and tag the files with them on the file server. Then I let you do the same. Then the insurance companies can monitor the license numbers and associated records of stupidity to see whose insurance needs to go up.

Next time somebody makes you mad doing something stupid and endangering your life, you don't have to get mad, you just press the shutter button and go on about your life knowing that "living well is the best revenge."

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