Sunday, September 11, 2005

Garmin lesson

My love of my garmin GPS has grown over the last two years even though newer models have come out with more memory. The GPS V has a 28M limitation. This means that if I'm touring country side, I usually have to re-load maps at lunch, for the afternoon, then again after dinner in the evening, for the next day. It takes about half an hour.

That forces me to stop somewhere for a half an hour. Not a bad idea.

On long, fast freeway rides, the unit lets me program in a route. The book doesn't tell you, but the route includes information about points of interests--gas stations, restaurants, hotels--at each exit.

The maping software has a few shortcomings. People change roads faster than maps, sometimes. Today's lesson is to let Garmin plan a route, but to make sure that I accept the option of reviewing the route.

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