Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Morning Ride

The motorcycle is out of the shop. It only needed a new front shock. All last week, I rode the Metro to work. It was a pleasant change as I got a bit more exercise walking to the metro station and I managed to get some reading done. I read "She's a Bad Motorcycle" and enjoyed the collection of short motorcycle stories by different authors.

This morning, I thought about riding the metro and not the bike. I would not have to put on the gear... but I would have to walk or spend money on the bus and then spend money on the metro....

As soon as I started the engine I was glad I had chosen to ride. The trip takes me down Rock Creek Park. As I entered the park, past the city golf course where an early-morning golfer was walking to the tea, I realized that I was getting a good dose of oxygen just traveling through the park.

"...much better than the air on the metro," I thought.

Then, as I was passing Kennedy Center the sun came up and it turned into a very golden morning--gold that nobody could catch and put on a shelf or in a bottle--gold that made me feel rich to be alive.

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