Sunday, August 06, 2006

No more accidents

I graduated from physical therapy, last Thursday. Sure there are more kinks in my neck and back than there were before, and I'll probably have to do the darned exercises for a few hours every week for some time, but I'm on the mend. The other injuries were sprained thumbs, from not letting go of the motorcycle controls willingly when I was hit from the back, and more seriously a minor concusion, or what a friend in the FDA calls a "closed head injury." Thanks to him I got doctors to pay attention to it and we will make sure that continues to heal.

The head injury caused head aches, dizziness, and some annoying memory issues. The symptoms are still present, dizziness only from time-to-time, like when I get out of bed in the morning, but greatly less. Hopefully, I can convince the doctor to give me my riding papers, this week, and I will be back to teaching motorcycle safety classes.

One commitment I'm making to myself is to commute on the motorcycle only when absolutely necessary and to try to do my riding when the roads are a bit safer, like early weekend mornings. DC drivers really have become the worst in the country. The summer heat doesn't make them any better.

I did get out, yesterday for a few short rides, doctor or no, and saw my share of craziness including one bad accident that I called in after making the turn at the next block to get out of traffic and stop. For a while, I'm going to minimize my risks and make sure that what motorcycle riding I do is as pleasant as possible.

Yesterday evening, Saturday evening, I called my friend Walter and learned that he had ridden his Harley down to Old Town. I rode down to join him and sat at the Starbucks tables to watch the parade of people enjoying the day. I rode the long way home, riding up George Washington Parkway and had quite a treat feeling the temperature drop a bit as the night air cooled. Traffic was staying pretty close to the speed limit. It seemed everyone was taking their time. Me too. I was surprised, given the sedate pace that there no were no tailgaters. Cars behind me seemed to be enjoying the ride and happy not to push. I stopped at Hard Times Cafe, in Bethesda, parking where I could watch my bike while I ate, and had a bowl of Chilli Bubba: Chilli on cornbread with sourcream and tomatoes. That was enough. Today, I rode the Metro to visit friends.

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