Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Why We Ride

This from my friend Henry...

This is from the I-BMW forum and was sent to me, so I thought I'd share with you all:

We have a wacky theory for why people like to ride motorcycles, and it goes
like this: The act of riding is a form of meditation, because the
concentration that's required to safely ride a motorcycle tends to
focus the mind in a way that eliminates other mental distractions that
might interfere with the mission. This creates a single-mindedness that,
in effect, displaces the continuous stream of thoughts that normally
flow through our consciousness.

Thoughts about what to eat, who to meet, and worries about the
common stresses of everyday life, such as pressures from work and home,
disappear from our minds during the ride, because the concentration that's
necessary to focus on the ride pushes those thoughts far into the background.
The result is that the mind becomes refreshed after a ride just like it
would after a session of formal meditation or a relaxing vacation.

Just like some people get "hooked" on meditation, motorcyclists get
hooked on riding because of the mental relief that it brings. I wouldn't be
surprised if someone discovers that endorphins or something are
released during the act of riding. I'm sure you've noticed that you
can't "zone out" on a motorcycle like you can when driving a car. Riding safe
means being focused and alert at all times ? which is one of the reasons
why it's so important to stop and rest at frequent intervals when riding a
motorcycle on a long trip.

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