Thursday, December 14, 2006

Second trip to the doctor

Epidurals are not as bad as you might expect, but they're no fun. The second one went quicker than the first one. Afterward, I sat across the Street at the Something Special Coffee Shop, in Laurel and spent an hour observing the soreness in my back. It wasn't improving fast. Nevertheless, I made a short hop up highway-one to Bob's BMW and then West to the Four Seasons Restaurant on 70 for lunch, before heading home.

This time I remembered to take pictures of the great lunch. It came to $12, including a two-dollar tip.

There were two other riders from Baltimore who were excited to learn about Bob's BMW and the Saturday activities.

In trying to avoid high-conflict routes where there is a lot of traffic, one sometimes... well, ones GPS sometimes provides a different kind of conflict: End of pavement!

Turn around? ...or move forward hoping that it will be short and not too bad? Actually, I had driven the road many years ago and didn't remember it being that bad.

It took two days before my back started to feel better. This morning, three aspirin seemed to end the complaints.

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