Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Rock (take two)

Chris Zink and I got out for a ride, today. Thurmont and then to the Rock. Anybody who hasn't made the trip up to the Rock is in need of it!

There were lots of motorcycles. Right after we got parked and dismounted, Chris spotted a Harley with a Santa and Christmas decorations. We walked over to take a look and a whole crew of riders streamed into the parking area, behind us.

Here's the Santa Clause

I took a few pictures to try to capture the effect of how the rock sits so high and overlooks so much.

Chris is helping a group of cyclists get a group photo.

Standing atop the rock and shooting down into the valley. Those are fairly big barns, down there.

There was an Aprila and two KTM's that we admired at some length. One had a great camera mount. Darned if I can remember what he called it, but I NEED one of those! He described how he could take still pictures running down the road, but because of vibration might get two or three good ones out of ten, but those were two or three he would not have had otherwise.

This sign provided me some insight into the how hang gliding is becoming a more regulated and safer activity.

A bit of the scenery before lunch.

I bought a Bob Dylan CD at the Starbucks on the way home after Chris and I parted near Emmitsburg. First song, and his guitar is out of tune. Things don't always have to be perfect to be perfect -- the opposite of my thoughts during the ride that I shared with Chris: how virtue seems to disapear if one looks at it too closely. Humility is something we appreciate in others, but as soon as we see it in ourselves and say, "Hey, I have humility!" the spell is broken. George Soros tried to interest philosophy professors in his pursuing such a notion as a course of study. They failed to appreciate the proposal, and one of his greatest disapointments, he says in his book, is not having become a philosopher.

Now, of course, he can endow a few institutions for such purposes, if he wants.

Guess we might invite him to take a motorcycling class.

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