Wednesday, January 03, 2007


How many times am I going to sit down after a ride to work and feel like I just have to share the beauty of the morning's short ride? Today was no exception. Perhaps I need to note the time of sunrise and time it so that I hit the same period of the day more often. The morning light, reflecting off the awakening sky, kept pulling colors out of the barren trees and their remaining leaves. First, a range from pink to dark burnt umber; then as the morning progressed the light found resonance with orange tones in the foliage. Had a couple of nice days of Winter riding up to New Jersey and back, this last weekend. Pictures at link. Found a reasonable route past Philadelphia to the Northwest in 222 to 30 to 113 to Frenchtown, NJ then 12 North to Round Valley Rec Area.

I can't remember when there has been a winter so colorful. Perhaps it's me? They say that one of the things that many people treated for depression notice as they improve is the reappearance of color in their lives. Perhaps, if we make a point of SEEING the colors around us, it will help prevent depression from creeping up on us in the first place.

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures of the trip to NJ!